Meet LAVi....

Have a drink. She's Smart, instantly Hot!... and really Cool.

Residential and Commercial Models

  • Touchless automatic operation

  • Instant hot water on demand

  • Pop-out cold water drinking fountain

  • Custom color and pattern coordination

  • Safe, scald-proof, overflow prevention

  • Hygienic laminar flow water stream

  • 60 to 70% water saving

  • Highly energy efficient

  • Easy push-to-connect installation

  • Quality construction and electronics

  • Stretch model for new bowl sink lavatories

  • Commercial models with logo designs

  • Integrated WiFi for updates and accessories

Unlike your phone, television, microwave or car, you would be hard pressed to come up with a single cutting edge innovation over the last fifty years for your home faucets. The ones you have now function and look like your grandmothers. And still, every morning we all turn on our bathroom faucets and wait, and wait, wasting time, water, and money for the water stream to warm to a comfortable temperature….which soon becomes too hot, and we again fiddle with the handles to regain that sweet spot of warm we want. Too, every faucet on the market today connects its hot water line directly to a hot water tank typically some 50 to 100 feet away. Of course you have to wait, and heat up all those pipes along the way as well. And our studies show that almost 70% on average of the water flowing from our bathroom faucets go directly from spout to drain without actually performing any washing, rinsing or cleaning functions! C’mon, it’s a new century and we still have to wait for hot water. And how about a faucet side fountain so I can take an aspirin. Why hasn’t this ever happened before. Really!
LAVi….radically different, highly efficient, instant hot water, touchless fast temperature and flow change, water conserving, and reflects your design personality with customizable colors, polished metals and patterns….and, oh, she also has a pop out cold water fountain on the side, too. How cool is that.

Putting PIZZAZAZZ back in your bathroom

Bring out your inner interior designer. Match the new towels, coordinate with your countertop or add a complimentary color with your walls. Instead of having to choose just between polished or brushed brass or chrome, or brushed chrome or nickel how about choosing between glossy tangerine or mustard, matte chocolate or lilac, petrified wood, granite, or polished copper. With over 250 colors, patterns or metals to choose from you’re only limited by your imagination. LAVi inlays simply snap in. So next year when have the urge to redo your bath just order a set of coordinating new inlays. Get those new towels or the latest countertop and overhaul the old look for just the cost of a new set of inlays. Be sure to check out our idea gallery for some design inspiration.

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Need a drink ?

LAVi’s push knob behind the spout stem doesn’t just operate the sink drain plug. When you push down, instead of lifting up to close the drain, the pop-out side fountain flows a stream of cold water to take a drink or swallow your vitamins. You’ll always get cold water, even if hot water is flowing from the faucet spout when you’re drinking! No more sticking your head under the faucet or using that grungy family glass beside the sink. Finally a solution.

So many innovations in one new product

Models Available


LAVi comes in two sizes, standard and stretch. Stretch is designed for use with the new countertop bowl sinks, sitting 3” taller than our standard model.

  • Standard: 11.6” tall spout 5.7” above sink

  • Stretch: 14.6” tall spout 9” above countertop
  • How she works ....and works for you

    LAVi is electronic. She has programs and learning algorithms, lots of sensors and valves that very quickly respond to desired temperature and flow rates, and a display that tells you when you’ve reached that baby bear “just right” comfortable temperature and actually stay there.
    LAVi quickly responds to hand movements. Direction and speed of hand movements are sensed. For instant cold, move hand quickly away from spout; for hot, move quickly toward the faucet. For specific temperatures, just move hand slower, back or toward the spout and watch the top of the display SET a desired temperature. The bottom of display shows the CURRENT temperature as it quickly changes to the selected set temperature, then flashes to full screen once reached (about 1.5 seconds!). OR, simply feel the temperature change with one hand and when the temperature you want feels right, remove your hand from the change zone and, voila, that’s the temperature you’ll get every time you place your hands under the faucet. Flow rates are set the same way. Place hand behind the spout and flow rate will appear on the screen. Then move either away from or toward the faucet to set the flow rate you want.

    Check her out in action

    Why so efficient

    LAVi has her own internal half gallon hot water tank. She checks the hot water line to see if the line actually has hot water in it ready for use and, if not, relies on her own supply of hot water and only draws from the cold line. This alone can save you lots of time and money because you never heat water twice for simple washing tasks. Tests show she’ll use her own tank for hot water 90% of the time. It’s faster, hotter, and ready. She learns, too. After a few days, she will know how long it takes for hot water to reach your faucet from your home hot water tank and use that water only on occasions where you are demanding hot water faster than her internal tank can provide when you are constantly streaming hot water.

    Why so safe

    LAVi looks out for others. Once you set a hot or cold temperature, that’s the temperature you will continue to get each time you put your hands under the faucet, whether in automatic or stream mode. But, once you leave her for more than 20 seconds, she reverts to our default mode of 94F (34C) so the next user can comfortably wash their hands. And, if you’ve got kids, LAVi is ultra safe. She never, ever delivers water hotter than117F (47C) no matter if drawing from her internal tank or your domestic hot water line. She also quickly learns the depth of your sink, whatever sink you have, traditional or countertop, and will never let it overflow even in constant flow stream mode. How’s that for safety.

    EZ Push-to-Connect Installation

    Installing LAVi couldn’t be easier. Call a plumber if you want, but really just follow our easy step by step installation guide. First, attach the faucet to your sink. Nothing unusual here.... just place on the rubber gasket and tighten the holding nut. Connections from faucet to undersink tank and electronics housing assembly are push-to-connect which are just that: firmly push the main hose into its connection for a snug fit, then the fountain hose, then the electrical wire with a “phone jack” connector is snapped into place. It is recommended that the tank caddy be screwed to the base of your undersink cabinet. You will need a wrench to tighten the hot and cold hoses to the assembly and incoming hot and cold lines.

    All the parts

    #1. Attach faucet to sink

    #2. Choose ideal location

    #3. Install tank caddy

    #4. Slip tank assembly into slots on caddy

    #5. Slip hoses & wire thru flex insulation

    #6. Slip cover onto opposite end of insulation

    #7. Push to connect hoses & wire jack

    #8. Slip cover with flex insulation onto cap 

    #9. Slip insulation onto faucet base.

    #10. Attach hot & cold lines to tank assembly

    #11. Attach hot & cold lines to water valves

    #12. Plug into AC power.

    Your all done !

    How to select inlays

    Prior to delivery you will be contacted to select the inlays you want on your new LAVi. Standard options are included in the purchase price. Our website will have a complete line of the newest over 250 available options grouped by color in matte or glossy finish, metal inlays in polished or burnished finish, or the pattern array of granites, woods, and eclectics. We’ll explain even more possibilities for custom colors and designs in the coming months prior to delivery. And, when you decide to create a new look in the bathroom, replacement inlays are available. We’ll also send along an inlay removal tool with the replacement order to make the job easy.

    Why laminar Flow

    Almost all lavatory faucets on the market today come with aerators that entrain air into the water stream. We think laminar flow streams are better, especially in the bathroom. Laminar flow is more hygienic in that air that contains bacteria is not introduced into your drinking water or onto your toothbrush or hands. Plus laminar flow streams do not breakup and splash nearly as much as does aerated water. The water stream will bathe over your hands and cling more to your skin rather than splash off to the sides. It’s a cleaner, perfectly clear stream of water and we just think that’s a better solution. It’s also required flow in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.

    Quality construction and electronics

    LAVi should last for years. The body is constructed of high polished and chrome plated, hydroformed yellow brass resulting in the best quality high- end finish available. The electronic sensors are the same as used in robotic manufacturing for over fifteen years requiring high speed accuracy. Our solenoid actuated valves have been used in dishwashers and washing machines for decades (how often have you had to call a plumber for a leaking dishwasher?). Our internal hot water tank is vacuum sealed stainless steel, our water lines FDA compliant, NSF 51 certified. It looks and feels quality.

    Add style to your company

    Own a Fortune 500 company, a hotel or a restaurant chain, a law firm or local office group, a coffee shop, or a mom & pop and want a high tech image? Just add your corporate colors and your logo to LAVi and immediately cement your new cutting edge with-it-ness on all your customers without saying a single word….just invite them to use your restroom. They’ll definitely think you’re on the cutting edge.

    Healthcare Users

    Doctors, nurses, dentists, clinicians and med techs, spend a lot of time washing their hands. Then they have to use their elbows or paper towels to turn off the faucet! So how about a faucet you never have to touch to activate or change the temperature or flow rate. And have comfortable warm water immediately with every use. Call in LAVi, stat.

    Commercial Options

    Our commercial LAVi models offer lots of additional options in addition to the standard options of EPA WaterSense, California CalGreen, and LEED’s certified components.

    • Both standard and stretch LAVi options are available as commercial models
    • Our standard 1.5 gpm flow rate may be ordered in a .5 gpm flow version for public lavatories.
    • Our standard STREAM touch button on the front is optional for public restrooms.
    • Our standard laminar flow aerator may be ordered with a special antimicrobial laminar aerator as required by some hospitals, clinics and medical labs as additional prevention from airborne bacteria entering the water stream
    • Corporate logos may be programmed on our display screen for a simple setup fee.
    • Our standard default to automatic flow of 94F (34C) may be reset to a custom set temperature.
    • Our standard default time of 20 seconds of non-use before reverting to default temperature for automatic flow may likewise be factory reset to a suggested 5 seconds for public lavatories.
    • All our color and pattern options for residential LAVi are available on the commercial models.