Is the faucet programmable to read temperatures in Celsius?

Yes. Upon installation there are a few questions LAVi will ask you on the display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius? Traditional basin style or countertop bowl sink? Preference for MAXIMUM hot water temperature delivery (above 117F is considered scalding)? Altitude above sea level? It’s a multiple choice test, so easy to answer by touching the button.

Is a half gallon tank really big enough?

Yes. Remember you will be using far less water, about 50% to 70% less because you are 1. using water only when something is under the spout; 2. flow rate is a green1.5 gpm; and 3. water in tank is kept at nearly 180F then mixed with cold, so LAVi’s half gallon of very hot water is equivalent to about 3 plus gallons arriving via your home hot water heater.

What is the recovery time of your hot water tank?

Most of the time you use the faucet in auto mode, cold water will be replenishing the tank as you use it. It will be heating that water as you continue to use it, even when off. If you are shaving, for example, by the time you finish shaving, say 4 minutes, the tank will have recovered 100% of full temperature at 180F; ready for its next use.

What if I don’t have an electrical outlet under my sink?

Most homes today have GFI electrical outlets near the sink, or at least within 3 to 4 feet of the sink. Do not use an extension cord from one of those outlets, rather have an electrician fish a line from one of those outlets. And don’t forget, there may be an outlet quite close in a room on the other side of the wall behind your vanity that you can fish a new outlet from. Our heater operates at 750 Watts, so you’ll need to connect to a 15 Amp circuit, 20 Amp is better is you use over 1200 W hair dryer at the same time, on the same circuit..

Does your hot water tank have a pressure relief valve?

Doesn’t need one. Our tank is kept at atmospheric pressure and is open to the faucet spout. Sensors in the tank will not allow it to heat unless there is water in the tank, nor allow it to overheat. Should ALL backup systems fail, any potential buildup of water pressure would escape through the spout. LAVi will then warn you with a error number on the display screen that you need servicing. Call the number on the screen….that’s us, and we’ll take it from there. (See Service and Repair FAQ below).

If I push stream button, how long will it flow before shut-off?

In residential models, it will flow until you touch the stream button again. (it’s a touch, not push, button). Upon installation, LAVi will determine the depth of your sink and will not allow water to rise above 1.5 inches below the sinks rim. If installing for a countertop bowl sink application, user will determine this high water mark with LAVi’s setup programming app.

If I reach for my toothbrush will I inadvertently change the temperature?

No. With our proprietarysoftware algorithms you should be able to move freely around and under the faucet without activating unwanted flow and temperature changes. Notice in the How It Works video, your hand (or an object) must actually stop moving (for half second) in front of the sensor before it activates a function, like temperature change, flow change, or AUTO ON. So, if you reach into the sink basin to pick something up, the faucet would not come on and wet your arm; or if you just reach for your toothbrush on right side of faucet, you’ll not affect a temperature change unless you actually stop moving your arm. Anyway, if you unknowingly stop movement and activate the temp change screen (flashing temp screen with arrows), then just move up or down out of the sensor zone and temperature won’t change.

I understand that your default full HOT temperature is set for 110F, so what if I want it hotter or less hot?

Default HOT is set at 110F (43C), however, you may change that to a hotter temperature, up to 117F (just under scalding), or an even lower temperature by touching and holding the Stream button for five seconds to bring up customized settings on the screen, then feel the temperature you want to set to default by placing your hand under the water stream and moving your right hand slowly to the exact temperature you want to set. Remove hands and now you have a new default temperature setting. If you have kids, we don’t recommend higher than 110F and that’s hot enough for shaving, too.

How do I set default COLD temperature?

There is no default setting for cold. When you move your hand quickly away from right side of faucet, the action will shut off all hot water supply and only cold will flow. Full cold temperature depends on where you live and what season of the year it is. So full cold in Nome Alaska will definitely be colder than full cold in Key West Florida, especially in Winter. Our side fountain is likewise connected only to cold water line, so cold temperature of fountain water is the same, it varies with location.

After I set a temperature I like, how long do I have until it returns to default settings?

Lavi will automatically or stream flow at the temperature you set for as long as you use the faucet. She will not revert to default temperature of 94F (34C) for automatic or stream flow until you have NOT used the faucet for 20 seconds (5 seconds for commercial models). That is, if water has not flowed for 20 seconds, she assumes you have met your needs and readies herself for another guest to wash hands at a comfortable 94F, auto or stream flow. This applies as well to any changes you have made to flow rates. The flow rate likewise defaults to FULL flow.

Why does setup screen ask me for my altitude range?

This question is just for programming the interior safety settings for the faucet….and you are asked only yes or no if you are 5000 or more feet above sea level, like Denver. Since water boils at a few degrees lower temperature at higher altitudes, we need to know of any likely sensing failures BEFORE they can cause a problem for users….like allowing the temperature of the tank to exceed preset maximums….especially if they approach a near boiling temperature (don’t worry, tank cannot explode because its under no additional pressure and open to atmosphere like a pot on the stove). While the faucet will not deliver water above 116F, the tank is set for hotter temperatures but should never exceed certain temperatures 15F to 20F degrees below that boiling point. Like your car warning you of overheating and in need of service, we do the same for safety from scalding in case of a failure. There are a number of other internal backup safety features that go beyond what is simply required and the display screen will warn you of any suggested servicing.

Do you offer a warranty? And for how long?

Yes. We will have a warranty on the faucet. For how long and what it covers will be determined upon completion of manufacturing details, final selection of OEM parts used and manufacturers. We are expecting at least a one year warranty on parts and labor. Stay tuned as we develop our warranty and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, our website.

Who do I call for servicing and support?

Us. Evalving Systems. Most likely you never need serving as all quality components, sensors and operating valves, have been used in the robotics and electronic valving industries for years at very high accuracies and lifetimes for decades. But sometimes crap happens. And if and when it should occur, your screen should display an error message with our phone number. For any software malfunctions we can generally handle these quite easily by sending you a replacement program via email which you can download on a jump drive and reload into the USB port on the side of the tank assembly….touch the stream button for five seconds and select “Download New Program”. You will also be prompted again to reset any custom defaults, and to remove the jump drive after completion. If the error message indicates a hardware problem, we will direct a local servicing representative to give you a call and set an appointment for either in-home warranty repairs or a place to take the tank top assembly (that’s the assembly that fits atop the tank) for in-shop repairs. LAVi will most likely have many fewer calls for serving, if any, than a traditional manually operated home bathroom faucet. You’re gonna love how she operates, saves so much water, stays so clean because you don’t have to manipulate handles, and be quite disappointed when you visit homes that don’t have one.