Introducing EVa

LAVi's big sister. She's even smarter and bilingual

The team at Evalving Systems has more innovative products waiting in the wings should EVa's kid sister, LAVi, make it to primetime with consumers. Coming in 2016, EVa takes electronics application to kitchen faucets to cutting edge heights. Here are some of things she can provide the chef in the kitchen:

Voice and touchless commands
Like LAVi, she responds to hands or objects for activation below the spout and hand movements toward or away from spout for setting temperature and flow rates. OR, if standing within two feet of the spout, you can address voice commands like on or off, specific temperature settings and flow rates, or just say warmer, hotter, cooler or colder to adjust temperatures. She's also bilingual, so when installed, just pick the two languages you want her to respond to from a list. So no worry if you're lucky enough to have a French chef in the kitchen! For specific amounts of water called for by a recipe, just say “recipe” first, then “2 cups of cold filtered water”, for example. The display screen on front of EVa confirms the user commands and she'll beep and flash when she's prepared the command.

Regular or filtered water
You now have a choice. Since you only need filtered purified water for recipes, drinking water, coffees or teas, just tell Eva when you want filtered water. She has the two paths to choose from. You'll significantly reduce the frequency of changing activated filters.

Near boiling water
EVa also delivers near boiling filtered water for coffee, teas, cereals and soups. But she can't accidentally scald you with any operator errors. She has a separate auxiliary spout for delivery of super hot filtered water that only responds to objects, not hands, beneath the spout.

Environment and User Friendly
Upon installation she'll ask you how you want to her to work, if temperature is F or C, languages to use, default settings, and to take a minute to map your sink because there are so many different configurations these days. Simply swing the spout slowly from counter-top to counter-top, left side to right side. She'll map your sink into memory then know the depth and width of each sink well, where the sink dams and disposer are and, basically, where not to automatically flow (like over a sink dam between the wells).

And more
The ball spout is ergonomically proportioned (about the size of a tennis ball) for hand use. Just pull the ball toward you and you've activated the spray wash mode, then squeeze it a bit for spray, like you'd squeeze an orange at the grocery to check for ripeness. You can even change the spray pattern by voice while you're using it. EVa also has an accessory that will really WOW you. But we can't talk about it yet because it's still under prototype development and we have yet to submit patent applications. But you'll have to have it, it's over-the-top too cool. We can hardly wait.

A number of the features for EVa were developed by our team in 1987. Many of the newer ones patented within the last three years. So, we're very anxious to see her finally sitting in kitchens all over the world. Her time has come. Help us bring her to life. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, contribute to the cause and get updates on when she will be available. Oh, and don’t forget to place a reservation for her kid sister, LAVi !
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Watch our 2007 demo video

Since making this demo video we’ve made some slimming down the faucet stem, added a colorful base, a larger stream button, and a display