Lavatory Faucet

Our soon to be introduced Bathroom faucet is decoratively customizable like no other faucet on the market. Check out the Gallery.  It is an eco-friendly water and energy saving device.

It simplifies many daily bathroom usage tasks such as washing hands in temperature controlled water, brushing teeth, rinsing mouth or taking a drink of cold water.

With its integrated touch-less hand sensors simply put your hands under the spout and controlled water is delivered.

Of course it is totally customizable using the integrated color LCD display, Touch Control and Touch-less hand controls. Temperature and flow rates are adjustable by simply waving hands nearby.

A drink of water is a matter of simply activated the integrated drinking fountain.

Instant hot water is integrated into the computer controls under the sink and allows temperature to be set for different usages. It compensates for the slow hot water supply lines for simple tasks saving water and energy.