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We are Evalving

Our Evalving Systems team has pioneered advanced touchless electronic faucet design and technology since 1988 with its first issuance of patents, and again in 2013 with the issuance of new patents for state of the art voice and touchless activated faucets incorporating even more unique water saving ideas and convenience features. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovative design, functionality, quality, and conservation.

For our designs we never start with the traditional, but first take a fresh look at what's possible and allow form to follow function. We strive to make products look new and nontraditional, not just another me-too iteration of styles already on the shelf.

We've developed proprietary programming algorithms that render our products extremely user friendly and intuitive to operate by everyone in the family, from grandma or the housekeeper to all the little ones.....never an array of frustrating hard to read push buttons to drive you crazy (like your TV remote).
As for quality, we specify time tested and proven electronics, valves, materials and manufacturing methods. Adding electronic operation does not have to reduce the life expectancy of a faucet.

Water saving technology for the home is our mission. While we know water conservation can be improved by leaps and bounds once electronics take the place of manual operation, we've gone much further to enhance conservation with the addition of state of the art smart programming that learns the most efficient methodology of hot water delivery incident to each installation.

And we're still going. Our kitchen version of LAVi, named EVa, is scheduled to become our flagship product of 2016, introducing voice commands for specific amounts of water from ounces or cups to liters or gallons, regular or filtered water, sink mapping for correct operation over all arrangements of sink configurations, safe delivery of near boiling filtered water for coffees and teas through an auxiliary spout, and many more, too numerous to mention, features. So be sure to “Like” us on Facebook, and “Follow US” on Twitter to stay abreast of all our fresh approaches to home appliances.